The Thermofin Gas Cooler, Part 2

June 21, 2021 0 Comments

The Thermic-Fin Cooler (TMFC) has been around for some time, but the first version was released back in the 1990s and quickly became the most popular cooling system on the market.

The ThermoFin (TF) is a more modern design that was designed specifically for the modern generation of PCs, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s completely made of metal.

It features two 120mm fans that spin at a whopping 1,000rpm, a heat sink that sits in the middle of the cooler and a single 120mm fan that spins at a lower RPM of just 60rpm.

The heat sink, the fan and the radiator all use a special cooling design that allows the fans to rotate independently of one another, allowing the fans’ speed to be directly proportional to their rpm.

The fans’ RPMs are tuned to provide a constant temperature across the entire system and the fans have the capability to shut down if their RPMs drop below a certain threshold.

There’s also a built-in fan controller that lets you adjust the fan speed as needed.

It’s a pretty cool design, but one that could be problematic for users who use an older PC.

One of the first problems with the TMFC cooler is that its design is inherently limited in that it doesn’t work with newer hardware that supports the DirectCU II cooling solution.

In fact, you can’t use the TMfc-based cooler on newer PCs with DirectCUII, which means that most of the fans will have to be replaced.

This limitation is particularly annoying because it’s something that the TM FC and TF designs are designed for, and in the future, that’s expected to make a big difference in the performance of most modern PCs.

It makes sense for AMD to offer a new generation of the TM-Fins, but we’ll have to wait for the upcoming Ryzen chips to see if that changes that.

As far as other components go, the ThermFin’s two 120 mm fans spin at 1,600rpm, and a 120 mm fan uses a 1.5W motor that is rated at 200rpm.

We haven’t seen any leaks regarding the fans in the past, but this should be a big change in the way that AMD is using its fans.

This means that we should expect a new version of the ThermoFC to have a much lower power draw than the TMF-based Cooler Boosters that were introduced last year.

The biggest surprise in the new design is the addition of an RGB LED fan controller, which will be able to switch between various fan modes in order to maintain a constant fan speed.

This is a huge addition to the fan controller and could be something that users will be very happy with.

It would be a huge boon to users that are on a budget that are looking to upgrade to an Intel CPU, and it’s an interesting design to consider.

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