The most expensive gas in the world: Gas cooler from Germany and US

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

Buhler Gas Cooler is the latest gas cooler from the German state of Lower Saxony and the US company American Gas.

It’s designed to cool helium gas in gas turbines and a small cooling tower.

The gas coolers cost $2.9 million.

The U.S. company American Petroleum Institute says the gas cooler is comparable to some of the most expensive items on the market.

But the gas cooler’s price tag may be a little higher than what some would expect.

Buhler says the price of the gas cooling tower is approximately 50 percent more than the cost of the cooling tower itself.

That’s because Buhler has to pay for a second cooling tower that the company has to install to keep the gas turbine running, Buhler spokesman Oliver Reitz said in an email.

The company also has to purchase equipment for the gas turbines that are required by federal regulations.

That includes helium, which is one of the world’s most abundant gases.

The helium gas used in the gas furnaces used in gas coolants is used to cool the turbines.

But gas turbines can only cool helium, not pure oxygen.

That means that helium used in one gas turbine will not be able to cool another one, according to Buhler.

Buessler says it costs the gas company $1.5 million to install the helium tower, but it only costs $1,100 per hour.

The cost per hour is based on the gas temperature and pressure of the liquid helium that is pumped in.

Buzlher says it’s cheaper than using the cooling towers, which can cost as much as $6 million each.

But Buzlhers price is only half of what American Gas charges.

The American Gas website says the average gas turbine costs about $2 million.

Buhlhers prices are a bit higher than that because American Gas pays a fraction of the costs of helium gas for each turbine that it installs, according, Buzluhs website.

The site also says American Gas also charges about $500 per turbine.

The price of American Gas gas turbine installation is $2,000 per hour, the company says.

Bullhers cost may not be that much, though, given that the U.K. and Germany have recently started paying more for gas turbines.

That may be because of the rise in the price for natural gas and the reduction in prices for electricity.

Bulhers gas turbine is also being used in Japan, which has a large gas industry.

Bulehers prices vary depending on the country.

In Japan, gas turbines are still cheaper than they were in 2006, Bulehlhers website says.

In Austria, gas turbine prices have dropped from $1 per turbine to $1 an hour, according Bulehler’s website.

In Germany, Buhlher gas turbine cost $1 for one hour, up from $600 in 2006.

The average gas turbines cost about $1 million, according the American Gas site.

But in Germany, gas prices are rising because of a shortage of gas and an economic downturn.

In the U, Bullhrs cost is still less than the $2 billion American Gas costs to install helium gas turbines in Germany.

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