Why the Rams don’t have a gas cooler in their home stadium

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

The Rams are set to host their first game of the preseason at CenturyLink Field.

That means it’s going to be an exciting time for Rams fans.

The Rams will host their preseason opener against the Denver Broncos in the CenturyLink field on Sept. 25.

The team is hoping that a gas-cooled cooler will help the fans relax and enjoy the atmosphere in CenturyLinkField.

They are hoping fans will enjoy the heat and humidity.

The team is still waiting on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval to install the gas-Cooled Fans.

The EPA is currently waiting on permits for the gas coolers.

The EPA is asking for the first gas-conditioned fans to be installed in 2018.

The Rams say they are waiting on those permits.

The fans will be connected to the stadium’s heating and air conditioning system and fans will also be installed at the end of each quarter.

A press release from the Rams said fans will have access to free snacks during the game.

The fans will feature four different color options that are made up of three contrasting shades of red and three contrasting blue.

Fans can choose between the three main colors of the gas cooler and the white cooler.

The red fans will come in three different shades of color: Red, White, and Blue.

The white fans will only be available in white and the blue fans in red.

Fans can choose the red or white fans at halftime of each game.

The colors are white, blue, and red.

The gas cooler is expected to be ready by mid-October, according to the team.

The teams goal is to get gas cooling systems in place as soon as possible, according a press release.

The Gas Coolers will come with a 24-hour battery and have a lifespan of 10 years.

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