When NFL players retire, will they need new gas coolers?

The NFL will need more gas coolants than it does today to keep players fresh, healthy and ready to play in games, according to an analysis by Sports Illustrated.

The league’s owners voted in November to expand its use of gas coolant in the upcoming season.

The NFL’s first-ever contract with a natural gas supplier called Transcritical Gas, Inc. of South Carolina, will provide the league with more than $4 billion a year in revenue and more than 60,000 jobs.

The deal also includes a commitment to buy more natural gas from the U.S. market.

The company, which will receive a $6.5 million annual subsidy from the NFL, is based in South Carolina.

Transcritical’s goal is to have gas cooling technology installed by 2020 and then make it a standard feature on its vehicles, including in the new Nissan LEAF.

But the company has faced some setbacks in getting that technology approved for use in the 2017 season.

Last year, the NFL’s health and safety committee, the union that represents players, told the company it would not be allowed to use natural gas in its vehicles because of safety concerns.

It also said that players had no right to sue the league because of the company’s refusal to install gas cooleners in the cars of those who had been diagnosed with CTE, a degenerative brain disease that is characterized by progressive loss of brain tissue.

The union also said the league’s medical staff recommended against using gas coolantes for players who were diagnosed with the disease.

The National Football League has been using natural gas for a decade.

In the current season, the league is using 1.2 million pounds of natural gas, according the NFL.

That is the same amount used to produce about 1.5 billion pounds of oil, according a study released in September by the Center for Responsible Lifting.

The gas is blended with diesel to produce diesel fuel, which is then blended with natural gas to produce the same mixture of diesel and natural gas.

In addition to the health and human safety benefits, the company said it would be able to use the natural gas more efficiently because of lower costs and more efficient fuel distribution.

The new deal also provides a boost for the NFLPA, which has been trying to get the league to agree to a new deal for a long time.

The AFL-CIO said last month that the union had requested the NFL and Transcritical to resolve their differences by June 30, 2019.

The two sides are still far apart on several issues, including the use of a third-party testing company that would help determine the safety of players’ brains and the use and safety of the equipment that would be installed to monitor players’ breathing.

But in the end, the AFL-TSA said last week that the two sides had agreed to continue negotiating.

The owners have yet to reach an agreement.

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