How to get more air in your cooling exhaust from the outside, says Tesla founder

In his latest patent application, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is showing how he is trying to make cooling exhaust a reality with the help of a battery pack.

Musk is the founder of Tesla and co-founder of SolarCity.

The company’s Model S electric sedan has been a hit with consumers around the world.

Musk has been pushing to make it possible for more electric cars to be built on a Tesla, a concept that could also be the focus of a new patent application filed Wednesday.

Tesla has previously made cooling exhaust an important part of its designs, as the company’s vehicles often feature more than one exhaust pipe.

But the new patent, published on the US Patent and Trademark Office website, shows how the company is trying something a little different.

It shows how Musk has created a cooling exhaust that connects to the battery pack, and uses it to heat the vehicle’s exhaust gases.

“The design uses the thermal transfer function to drive a compressor to heat up the exhaust gas,” Musk wrote in the patent application.

“To heat the exhaust gases, the compressor needs to be connected to a fan that generates heat, and this fan heats the exhaust from below the exhaust pipe.”

The cooling exhaust, in turn, then passes through a series of tubes that are then connected to the electric motors.

This process uses heat to push the air out of the exhaust.

“In the process of moving air from the exhaust tube to the compressor, the exhaust exhaust gas is heated by a thermal transfer process,” Musk said in the application.

It is the process that allows the electric motor to operate while the electric vehicle is stationary.

The patent describes how the cooling exhaust is used to cool a range of components inside the electric car, including the battery.

“By connecting the cooling pipe with the compressor and the electric battery, the cooling engine can operate for longer periods of time than conventional cooling engines,” the patent reads.

“These longer periods allow the cooling engines to reduce the time the battery must charge and charge the battery while maintaining a constant charge rate.”

The patent also shows how a cooling fan can be mounted on top of a cooling radiator.

“When the battery is charging, the fan generates heat to heat exhaust gases from the battery,” Musk explained.

“Because the battery and the fan are connected via a thermal barrier, the air entering the fan can then be heated by the air that is exiting the fan, which allows the air to flow through the cooling system.”

The battery and fan, the patents said, are both used to reduce weight and cost, so the cooling fan could potentially cost as little as $1,000.

The cooling fan also could reduce the amount of cooling that needs to go through the battery to recharge the battery, Musk explained in the filing.

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