How to avoid gas prices in 2017

Gas prices have been rising sharply across the country for years, driven by a surge in natural gas prices and the energy boom that’s brought more renewables to the market.

But a surge of gas demand in recent years has created new competition for gas consumers and some analysts have said the increase could make things worse.

Now, gas prices are rising again, according to the Gas Coolers Price Index, which is compiled by

Gas Cooler, a market research firm, tracks gas prices across the U.S. and is projecting that prices will rise 3.3 percent in 2017, the highest in more than a decade.

The index includes gas prices at gas stations, in supermarkets and gas stations across the nation.

That means prices for gas will continue to rise for many consumers, especially in states that are already struggling with the effects of a severe drought.

Some analysts say the increase will make gas prices worse for consumers.

“The trend is to go back to gas,” said Joe Romm, senior research analyst at, a website that tracks gas price trends.

“Gas is going to get a much better price than what it was a year ago.

The fact that prices are still going up is not a good sign for consumers.”

Gas prices in the Midwest have been on a tear.

Since the start of the year, prices have risen 9.6 percent in Iowa and 11.6 in Minnesota, according the GasBud website.

The prices have also jumped in Ohio, where prices have increased 5.3 and 6.4 percent, respectively.

The increase in prices in Oklahoma has been even more dramatic.

“We’re seeing a sharp decline in gas prices.

I don’t think the average person will be able to afford to keep up with the cost of gas any longer,” said Kevin Gillett, senior energy analyst for in Oklahoma.

“I think the best thing to do is to wait and see how gas prices continue to climb.”

Some analysts have also questioned the wisdom of using the gas cooler price index to forecast gas prices, saying it’s only as good as its data.

“If it’s going to be an indicator of what the market is going through, we need to have a much more accurate understanding of the gas market,” said Mark DiStefano, a professor at Duke University and author of the book “Gas Wars.”

“I have to say, it’s not accurate enough.

It’s a lot more important for us to have an accurate understanding as to what the actual gas market is like than to say ‘this is what we’re going to see in the next five years.'”

Romm said he expects prices to continue to fall as the natural gas boom continues to fade and as more renewables come online.

“There’s a real fear that prices may start to go down again, that they will continue falling,” Romm added.

“People will want to save money.”

But Romm also pointed out that there’s still time for gas prices to rebound.

The industry is working to address the problem of gas shortages by buying more fuel from the Midwest.

The Energy Information Administration projects that the Midwest will be a net importer of natural gas for the next six months.

But as demand increases, so does the price of gas.

Romm predicts that prices in Texas and California will rise, but not as dramatically as in the United States as a whole.

That’s because most of the nation’s natural gas reserves are located in those states, according and the Energy Information Agency.

In fact, natural gas is the fourth-most-used fuel in the U

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