How to cool the exhaust gases of your car with a hose and air-purifying device

Cooling the exhaust gas of your vehicle with a DIY air-conditioning system is a lot easier than you think, as the best solution is a hose that fits over your car’s exhaust port.

The hose is actually pretty simple to make.

There are plenty of DIY kits on the market, and you’ll need some disposable disposable air-control hose.

The hose itself is just a plastic bottle that fits inside a water bottle.

The only part you need to clean out is the hose itself.

Here’s how to make your own DIY air conditioning system.


Clean your car exhaust portThis is one of the easiest ways to cool your car without damaging your engine.

Take the hose and a towel, and dip it in warm water to loosen the hose.

Then dip it again in cold water to tighten the hose to your car.

You’ll also want to rinse off the air from the hose with water, and then clean the hose thoroughly with warm water.

The cooler the hose, the better the cooling.


Dry the hoseWith a hose dryer, you can get a great idea of the temperature inside your car, and get the air in and out of your exhaust.

Just put the hose on a rack, and place the dryer on the rack.

This should give you a good idea of how hot or cold your exhaust is.3.

Add a hose outletIf you want to add an outlet into your exhaust system, you need two pieces of PVC pipe, one for each exhaust port, and two pieces for the hose plug.

The first piece of PVC is a short piece of hose that connects to the exhaust port of the hose you are using.

You can use any length of hose you like, but the longer the hose is, the more efficient it will be at cooling your exhaust gas.

The second piece is a long piece of pipe that connects directly to the outlet of the air-supply that comes with the hose that you are trying to cool.

You will use the hose outlet that comes on your car to connect to the pipe you are attaching to your exhaust port as well.4.

Connect the two piecesPut the two PVC pieces in the right direction, so that they are connected to each other.

Make sure you do not pull on the PVC.5.

Start the engineWith your car plugged into the air supply, pull on some of the PVC pipe that you have attached to your hose.

You want to make sure that the PVC doesn’t pull out the hose as you run the engine.

The pipe will come out of the exhaust vent as you drive.

If you pull the hose straight out, the PVC will not pull the exhaust air out.

You have to pull the pipe straight back.6.

Start your enginePress the power button on the engine and start the engine up.

The exhaust will still be running.7.

Cool the exhaustWith the exhaust still running, it’s time to turn on the air conditioning.

Use the hose hose plugged into your car as an outlet, and connect the hose through the hose pipe.8.

Cool your exhaustAs you cool your exhaust, you should be able to hear the coolant running through the pipe as the air passes through it.

If the exhaust is still running when you turn the engine off, the air is still cool.

Cooling your exhaust helps you stop the engine from overheating.9.

Repeat steps 7-10 as many times as you needCooling the air flowing out of a car exhaust can cause some coolant to be trapped in the pipe.

This is why it is so important to use a hose hose that is long enough to fit into your vehicle’s exhaust ports.

If you have any doubts about how much coolant is in your exhaust pipes, you will need to dry them out with a soft cloth, or use a PVC pipe dryer.10.

Replace the hoseThis time you should have the hose plugged in.

Make a note of the pipe length and plug it back in.

When you reconnect the hose the pipe will look a bit shorter.

You don’t need to use the same hose again for a while, as you will use it up.

You should be done with the new hose.

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