A cooling furnace is not a problem for the new home

It’s the biggest factor in the new house’s performance, and the first to go.It’s all about the cooling fan, which is the biggest fan in the house, according to the

How to Build a Gas Cooler in Your Garage with This DIY Guide

This article by Buzzfeed’s Alex Zengerle features a DIY gas cooler built using a couple of old gas coolers and some new gas cooler carts.The gas cooler can be built

What is flue-gas-cooler technology and why are it important?

What is Flue Gas Cooler Technology and Why are it Important?Flue gas coolers use natural gas as a coolant to cool the air.The cooling water flows into the compressor and

When the world’s hottest gas coolers run out, we can still get a bit of comfort with the gas cool boxes

Gas coolers have been around for a long time, but now the coolers themselves are starting to run out of gas.In many ways, the cooling systems are similar to those

You may want to check the cooling system of your motorcycle’s electric motorcycle before you go on a ride

By now, most of you have probably read that a new generation of electric motorcycles are expected to be launched by 2018.The main reasons behind this announcement are, first, to

When is gas cooling a good idea?

By Tim Willoughby, BBC NewsMagazine.com The new, gas-cooled cooling system on a Volvo XC90 may sound expensive, but the benefits are worth it.A new system designed to help reduce CO2

What Gas Is, What Is Not, and Why Gas Can Make a Difference

Gas can make a huge difference.In fact, a small amount of gas is responsible for the cooling of a car engine.But it can also cause a lot of problems.Here’s how.Gas

How to use air conditioning for cooling

Cooling in cars with air conditioning is one of the most common cooling solutions in the world.But in the UK, there are no restrictions on the amount of air you

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